Considering a Move for a “Better Paying Job?”

The “potential salary” being offered for that new job is tempting. However, it is only part of the story. If you don’t do your thorough research on the location, you may not be making enough to keep a roof over your head, once you adjust for the cost of living in that location.

You may want to consider a small-to-mid-sized city, instead of the ever-growing major cities. You can find good paying jobs, lower cost of living expenses, a good home and be happy with your life. . . even if you don’t get a “Wall Street” or “Silicon Valley” paycheck. Do your homework before making that “leap.”

There are many websites from which you can garner information . . . the best place to begin is the local Chamber of Commerce webpages. There is a myriad of information provided. Don’t be too timid in calling them and asking questions beyond what the pages offer. Look at the local newspapers, many of them are on line to view articles. Once you have determined you are making the right choice, contact a local real estate professional.

Good Hunting!

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